We hope that you will consider joining PTRA. You can either fill out the electronic form on this page and click Submit, or you can print the paper form at the bottom of this page. Checks should be made payable to PTRA.

Benefits of Membership

WorldatWork Courses and Discounts: Educational offerings in cooperation with the national WorldatWork organization (seminars and certification classes).

Job Postings: Email and web postings identifying new job openings.

Networking: Informational exchange and networking opportunities among compensation practitioners and policy makers in the Western Pennsylvania area.

Smei-Annual Conference: Membership to PTRA guarantees admission to the semi-annual conferences. The conferences include topics that are relevant, timely and often focus on the latest news in the field and what we can expect in the future.

Membership Costs

To align with WorldatWork, memberships are offered on an individual basis. The cost of individual memberships is $100/individual per year. 

For companies registering multiple persons, the maximum amount to be charged will cap at $300/company per year. For companies with 4 or more members, the 4th member and beyond will be at no additional charge.  

Student memberships are offered at no cost.

Please complete the below form scan and return to: 

For payment of the membership fee, there are 2 options:

1)  You can send your payment to the PO Address shown on the attached form

2)  You can make a payment using PayPal below.

2018 PTRA Professional Membership
2018 PTRA Corporate Membership